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Ally here, still 15 like my dear Minzy, but turnin' 16 soon! I'm a proud HOTTEST of the sexy wild bunnies of 2PM and of course, I'm 2NE1's Blackjack <3 FINALE's comeback maknae and Reverandom's uhm, Queen of Perv?
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010 @01:51


Friday, April 30, 2010 @09:47

Watching SNSD bungee jump in Korea makes me really wanna try it too~ It's just too bad Singapore doesn't have it. Oh well, at least we have the GMAX thing!

Seeing Junsu yesterday was so..... amazing. He looks JUST LIKE on TV! The nonchalant way he sat on the buggy car........ killing me with his radiating charisma......

I didn't sleep last night. I thought I would be burned out from all the Junsu drama but no. I watched Drag Me To Hell and stopped halfway cos I felt sick. Then I tried to sleep, but I couldn't cos of those fucking weird dreams where you don't even know if you're sleeping or awake. By the time my brother got up for school, I was still tossing in bed so I just got up and said good morning to Singapore. Went to the store to grab some milk and cereal for breakfast, and now I think I'm gonna go sleep and wake in maybe 4 hours time.

Thursday, April 29, 2010 @01:04

I rented Paranormal Activity to watch.

I'm going to have to bathe first before watching, or there's no damn way I can step into that shower after watching the film. Same goes for Ghost Whisperer! I actually think it's pretty scary, no? Haunting stories and disturbing graphics.

Junsu, Zuno and Jaejoong will be arriving tomorrow, I can't wait! I've decided to wait outside with the other fans cos it would be more exciting :D I'll wait in the transit area on Sunday, and ask for a photo!! Omg, can't wait.

Work recently's pretty good. There has been a lack of passengers I've noticed.. Especially in First Class. Wonder why, hmm.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 @22:21

I'm home from Phuket!

I don't know why but I feel that Phuket has a very sleepy effect on me. Whenever I wasn't standing or walking in Phuket, I was sleeping. I was sleeping in the plane, on the 5 hours bus ride from Phuket to Surat, and in all sorts of transportation. Taxi, cars. Omg I need to talk about the 5 hour bus ride. Absolutely horrible. Our plane landed in Phuket, and we had to travel to the town of Surat which was 5 hours away. And my mother was so kiasu, she was rushing the entire time cos she was afraid of missing this and missing that. We had to rush from the airport to the bus stop, and we waited there for 1 hour in the hot morning sun. And in the bus, it was hot too despite the air con. So I slept. Nothing else to do anyway.. And we only ate our first meal at 4PM! Mad hungry by that time.

But I totally enjoyed myself cos there was SO MANY big ass billboards of Nickhun endoring Jelato bikes there! Omg I totally spazzed when I saw one. Hot hot hotstuff :D Over in Phuket, we stayed in 2 Novotel hotels. Impeccable service and gorgeous views :D Pictures will be on FB soon. And the room we stayed in had this gigantic Samsung LCD screen which had all sorts of channels, including KBS World and Channel NewsAsia! Great way to keep myself updated on Singapore :D And the buffet breakfast there was really good too.. There were 3 pools in the hotel and of course, the famous Patong Beach. No I didn't swim, I forgot my swim stuff. The second Novotel we stayed in was absolutely different from the first one. It was located in a secluded area high up the mountain and it was everything exclusive, private, and luxurious. There were no shopping areas whatsoever, only the beach which was just outside our room. Perfect for the traveller who just wants to relax. It was so damn quiet and to get to town, you had to take their transportation. We took their car to Jungceylon, and the route down the mountain was really nice. You could see the sea, the tall, dark trees, and all sorts of animals. It totally reminded me of Japan! But the route up was different and scary, cos the route up resembled an F1 race track with all its nonstop twists and turns and the speed our driver was driving didn't make the ride easier too.

The next way, transportation to the airport was a 630AM in the morning, and again I slept. Got on the plane half conscious, and slept again. While waiting for the plane to move, I intended to rest for just awhile as I wanted to catch the plane on take off. So I close my eyes and waited.. waited till I started wondering what the hell was taking it so long only to open my eyes and see the clouds and Malaysia below us.

Got fetched by Dad at the airport and despite wanting to just go home and sleep, we had to take a detour to Loyang to eat and grab some cat sand. Apparently the rain soaked the cats' toilet and they're refusing to use it, instead pooping around on the floor. Ugh. So we finally reached home around 2, and I went to bathe, went on to FB, and slept till now. SHIOKKKK.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @12:15

It's been so long since I blogged.

I love my job, but working everyday kinda makes me feel deprived. I need to go shopping on every off day and buy something. I'm rich now, HAHAHA!!

There's a few good movies coming up soon, I'm going to watch them all :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 @01:46

I'm proud of my History.

Monday, January 11, 2010 @02:10

I think I've messed up. Pretty badly this time.

Oh, what have I done?! Shouldn't have.. at all.